Rens Heijnis
ir. van Stuivenbergweg 63
6645AB Winssen
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)487 795069

E-mail: info@rensheijnis.com  

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Company information:
Chamber of Commerce: 11025482
VAT no. NL001487370B34


Paypal account: info@rensheijnis.com

Bank details:
Account name: L.A. Heijnis
IBAN: NL19INGB0005324493
ING Bank N.V. 


Sales and Service

The Sonodore products are sold worldwide without distributors.
There are three advantages:
1) The products are now cheaper.
2) The Sonodore products can now be customized to your need if necessary.
3) For questions or problems, you have direct contact with the designer.

Shipping worldwide isn't a problem these days, it's very easy.
and communicate with using the Internet isn't a problem either.

In special cases, an temporary arrangement can be made with a distributor.

You can count on a good and fast service.
The average time to repair an equipment and receive it back in the EU is within 1 week.
The average time to repair an equipment and receive it back outside the EU is within 1,5 week.

Sonodore products has a 3 year warranty.